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​Inaugural 5K WinterFun Walk January 3rd 2024

Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Thanks to the generous help of several 'sister' associations, including Animal Rescue Lot and Phoenix Association, and incredible supporters, we have been able to meet the first three payments for this lovely pup's surgery. We are still fundraising to cover the last bill for his initial life-saving surgery and for his next (and hopefully final) surgery which will permanently fix his dislocated hip and a complication that has arisen with his shoulder. All help is gratefully accepted to help us finish this arduous journey. To everyone who has donated so far, no matter how small or large, your generosity has made his recovery possible - thank you all so much!

Inaugural 5K WinterFun Walk January 3rd 2024

Un ciel nuageux, de l'air frais et des chiens heureux nous ont accompagnés dans une magnifique marche de 5 km à travers Agnac - merci à tous ceux qui ont participé ! Nous avons récolté 330 euros pour atteindre notre objectif de payer nos factures vétérinaires, ce qui est formidable. Après le succès de cette FunWalk, nous allons en faire un rendez-vous mensuel régulier, écrivez-nous ou suivez notre page Facebook pour les mises à jour de la prochaine !

Cloudy skies, fresh air and some happy pups accompanied us on a magnificent 5K walk through Agnac - thank you to all you participated! We raised 330 euros to go to our goal of paying off our vet bills which was amazing. After the success of this FunWalk we are going to make this a regular monthly gathering, drop us a line or follow our Facebook page for updates on the next one!

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